Dr Harrington regularly gives talks to mother's groups, schools and other educational organisations, companies and executive groups on why sleep is fundamental to optimal health and performance. The seminars cover a range of issues associated with sleep health and the following are some of the topics that have proved very popular:

  • Mother and baby sleep: optimising your sleep and the sleeping pattern of your baby
  • Sleep in the teenage years - optimising health and academic performance
  • Men are from Mars - why women sleep differently to men and what we can do about it.
  • The impact of poor sleep in the workplace: the economic advantage of changing our attitudes to napping and downtime.
  • The health problems caused by shift work and how to minimise its effects.
  • Maximising potential - why sleep is critical to your company's optimal performance
  • Sleep and executive performance - become the leader of your pack.
  • Sleep and wellness: Discovering the new you through better sleep: understanding and respecting the role of sleep in our physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Understanding insomnia and discovering real solutions to achieving good sleep

If you are interested in Dr Harrington giving one of these seminars to your organisation or group please contact us.

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